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Ecuador has granted citizenship to Julian Assange, says Foreign Ministry

Analysis of Kim Jong-un's New Year Address, Nuclear Doctrine, The Prospect for Peace in Korea?

As Guns Fall Silent, Russia to Shape Syria's Political Endgame

Turkey reveals plan to open embassy in East Jerusalem

North Korea Pushes US to Negotiating Table?

Russian Armed Forces Complete Mission to Destroy Daesh in Syria - Gen. Staff

Analysis: Aims and Implications of China's Military Involvement in Syria

The End of the Syrian War Is the Beginning of a New Middle Eastern Order

US Decision to Stay In Syria After Defeat of ISIS Will Unite Russia, Iran and Turkey Against It

China could shatter petrodollar by compelling Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan

Sources Confirm Our Scoop - a Huge Russian Victory Over 'US Secret Services' in Syria

US Sanctions Continue to Backfire: China Opens $10 Billion Credit Line for Iran

Deir ez-Zor Siege Finally Broken: A Story of Courage and Heroism Rarely Matched

Syrian Army's Success 'to Wow States Believing in Government Collapse' - PM

Russia, China: N. Korea must freeze nuclear activities, US halt THAAD deployment

Moscow and Beijing Sign Roadmap for Comprehensive Military Cooperation

Russia, US & China able to join forces in tackling global challenges - Lavrov

Self-Defense Is No Defense for US Acts of War in Syria

Russian military halts Syria sky incident prevention interactions with US as of June 19 - Moscow

Southeast Asia Turning into Battlefield: Regional Security Outlook Marked by Uncertainty

Trump's Asian Pivot: 'US to Jump on One Belt, One Road Bandwagon'

Venezuela Sends Team to Rebuild Homes in Haiti

Egypt, Russia stand against forceful regime change in Middle East: Egyptian parliament

Venezuela and China Advance Socio-Economic Cooperation

India, Egypt Agree to Strengthen Defense and Security Engagement

WakeUp-World 5-15-16... "8 Signs the World is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift"

Syrian Army Boxing in US Forces in Southern Syria Came as a Shock -- Defense Secretary Mattis

Multipolar World Order: The Big Picture in the Qatar-Saudi Fracture

Diplomatic Crisis Hits Arab World: Prospects for Mediation

Syrian army crosses into Raqqah province, captures two villages

Saudi-Led Isolation of Doha 'Aimed at Bringing Qatar to Heel' Over Iran Stance

Russia-initiated safe zones in Syria offer real chance for reconciliation - Assad

Syria's Conflict: Russia Scores Big Foreign Policy Win

Russia won't intercept U.S. missiles in Syria: Ozerov

Your quick guide to the outcomes of landmark Xi-Trump summit

What's really behind America's rush to war in Syria?

US missile strike in Syria: What we know so far about target, victims & reactions

Reviving the 'Chemical Weapons' Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

Double Standards: Americans Seek Raqqa Liberation to Split Syria?

US Kicks UN in the Guts

Major Policy Shift: Syria Welcomes US Joining Fight against Terrorists

Assad dismisses Trump's plan to create 'safe zones' inside Syria

Syrian Army declares Aleppo under full control, 'return of security' to city

Moscow Declaration: Russia, Turkey and Iran Join Together to End Syria's Tragedy

Militants Routed in Aleppo: Idlib Is Next

RT crew first to reach liberated area of Aleppo's Old City (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The Remarkable Story of Fidel Castro

Breakthrough in Aleppo saves 80,000 civilians - Russian military

The West's War on Thailand's Next King

Syria: Egypt Joins the Fray to Support Russia-Backed Coalition

Fidel Castro Ruz. His Legacy Will Live Forever

Vladimir Putin: Fidel's 'Memory Will Forever Remain Within Hearts of Russian Citizens'

"I express to you and to all the Cuban people our deepest condolences over the death of the revolutionary leader, your brother Fidel Castro. The name of this outstanding statesman is considered to be a symbol of an entire era in the modern history of the world. A free and independent Cuba built by him and his colleagues became an influential member of the international community and has served as an inspiring example for many countries and peoples," Putin was quoted in the statement as saying.

"This strong and wise man always looked to the future with confidence. He personified the high ideals of a politician, citizen and patriot, sincerely believing in the righteousness of what he did and to which he devoted his entire life. His memory will forever remain within the hearts of Russian citizens," Putin concluded wishing Castro's family "bravery and firmness in the face of this grievous loss".

Fidel Castro Will Survive as Cuban National
Hero for Granting People Dignity

The march to GLEXIT - Globalization Exit

Will State of Palestine Be Obama's Legacy?

The Clintons and Soros Launch America's Purple Revolution

The Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy

Donald Trump's Victory Promises to Upend the International Order

Egypt's Al-Sisi Congratulates Donald Trump

A Brexit-Style Revolution in the USA? The Real Differences between Clinton and Trump

Russia Calls Washington's Bluff, Moves to Finish Syrian War

The Director of the FBI Reopens the Hillary Case. "Donald Trump will win the Popular Vote for President"

NATO Preps "Biggest Military Build-Up on Russia's Borders Since Cold War"

Over 80 NGOs call for Russia to be dropped from UN rights council over Syria

As WikiLeaks Access To Internet Is Severed, New Clinton Email Bombshell Emerges

Aleppo the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII? Not so fast, Mr. Kerry

US Has 'Played Itself Into a Corner' and is Now 'Seriously Frightened'

Russia used Veto to Block Security Council Resolution on No-Fly-Zone over Aleppo

Syria: Is the U.S. Preparing a False Flag Bombing?

Philippines suspicious over US intentions in S China Sea

If Russia Wins Aleppo It's the End of American Hegemony in the Middle East

Amid Escalating Tensions, 40 Million Russians Practice for Nuclear Emergency

Russia Asked to Intervene in Libya: Gaining Clout in Middle East

Russia-US Deal on Syria Still Alive Against the Odds

All Out Fight for Aleppo Begins: Major Offensive by Syrian SAA Forces. "US Directly Assisting the Terrorist Units"

US 'Betrayal' in Syria Lead Moscow and Damascus to Develop New Strategy

'Hypocrisy Beyond Classical': US-led Bombing of Syrian Army Wasn't 'Mistake'

Russia says 62 Syrian forces killed in US-led coalition raids on army positions

Russia And China Have a Plan to Salvage Syria's Economy
The two powers stand ready to invest and help rebuild the country but the war has to end for recovery to have a chance

Following Escalation of Conflict with Israel, Syria Complains to UN

Why the Syrian People Won't Accept a Deal to Remove Assad

Moscow and Tehran Reportedly Plan to Prepare
Hamadan Base for Russian Warplanes

US-Asia Geopolitical Realignment: Major US-India Defense Agreement, US Militarization of Asia-Pacific, Erosion of India's National Sovereignty
Logistics Exchange Memorandum Agreement (LEMOA) Signed by India with the United States Adversely Impacts India, Asia, Africa, Eurasia and the Non-Aligned Movement

What the G20 is doing - and why it matters

Philippines: Towards China And Away From USA

Redrawing New Silk Road: China 'to Shift Its Focus to Russia, India'

Dilma Rousseff stripped of Brazil's presidency

The Two Things China Really Wants in Syria

The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire

Brazil's Rousseff pleads innocent, calls Senate trial coup

Exclusion Zone: A De Facto No-Fly Zone to Expand America's War on Syria

Turkey on the Way to Exit NATO: No Reasons to Stay

Donald Trump's Outreach to Moderate Muslim Leaders Highlights Clinton Failure in Egypt

Rousseff Suggests Referendum on Early Elections to Avoid Impeachment

Venezuelan Foreign Minister: Macri is Planning Mercosur Destruction

The US-Saudi Plan to Prompt an Iranian Pullback from Syria By Andrew Korybko.....
Global Research, July 25, 2016

The US and Saudi Arabia have been conspiring with one another to engineer a series of crises that could prompt Iran to pull back its troops in Syria and redeploy them back to the homeland. The modus operandi has been to encourage peripheral insurgencies inside the Islamic Republic's borderland regions concurrent with a terrorist threat to the interior, all while stirring up Color Revolution commotion. In short, Washington and Riyadh are working hard to wage a multidimensional Hybrid War on Iran, and all indications point to each respective component of this campaign intensifying in the coming months as the US turns up the heat against its decades-long Mideast rival.Continue...The US-Saudi Plan to Prompt an Iranian Pullback from Syria

How Beijing's Charm Offensive Allows China to Solve S China Sea Dispute

Egypt Blocks Security Council Condemnation of Failed Coup Against Turkish Government

Fallujah fully recaptured from Daesh: Iraqi commander

Brexit Shatters EU and Its Washington Bond

Brazil's Interim President Michel Temer Received $300,000 Bribe: Whistleblower

UK votes to LEAVE the EU in historic referendum

Syria - Russian Surprise Attack Blows Up Kerry's Delaying Tactic

Russia's Response to US-NATO Expansionism. "Hot War", "New Cold War", or "Partnership in Resolving Global Problems"

Cuba: Strengthen Strategies to
Confront Imperialist Intervention

Cuba: Strengthen Strategies to Confront Imperialist Intervention

Caracas. - Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla called on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba-TCP) to strengthen strategies to confront imperialist intervention and coup plots on the continent.... Continue to Article

Russia proposes US-led coalition to strike Syrian terrorists with Moscow

Why US Officers Believe Pentagon Officials Take Them for a Fool

In the ongoing South China Sea conflict, Washington has argued that Beijing does not have claims to the waterway. But according to a pair of Chinese diplomats, China's sovereignty over the region has been recognized by the international community since World War II

Russia Saving World From Total War

Dilma Rousseff Calls for Mobilizations to Overturn Coup

Kremlin Responds to NATO Commander: Russia Not a Threat to Anyone

Lucky Number: 13th Putin-Abe Meeting Puts Obama's Isolation Policy to Rest

Brazil Coup Loses Steam: Acting Lower House Speaker Annuls Impeachment Vote

Praying for Palmyra: Russian maestro leads orchestra in ruins of ancient city

Foreign-Exchange Regulations and West's Currency War Against Russia

Two Years Ago: The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Declaration of Independence

Donetsk blog April 8: OSCE Silence - 1.5 Million Starving in Donbass - Ukrainian Command Moved to Front

Work on bridge linking Russia to China to start in summer

After the War: Syrian Soldiers Reveal Hopes for When the Fighting Ends

"'War Does Not Allow Us To Dream of Anything But Peace'"...Mohammed Al-Akkar

"Like the rest of his squad, Tammam Maala dreams of peace falling over Syria, which would allow him to find internal peace and start thinking about a family." ..."I dream of naming my son after my father, to extinguish the fire in my heart," the soldier said."

Hamza Ismail ..."As soon as I graduated, I immediately joined the army. I wanted to pursue a masters degree, and then to enroll in doctoral studies. But my nation is more important to me."
"Mohammed Ammar dreams of starting a family ...For this dream, he is willing to wait, and to fight"

NewSyria: Turkish MANPADs, Iranian Regulars, US Bombing the Crossings - Everybody Is Upping the Ante
Adnan Al-Ahmad dreams of a time when his mother will believe in tomorrow ..."We Live By the Thought of Victory"

Beijing Praises Moscow's
Successful Military Campaign in Syria

Russia to Support Brazilian Bid for Permanent Membership in UNSC

Brazil's Government Driven to Verge of Collapse by Elites, US Intervention

Russia's "Mission Accomplished" Moment in Syria."Carefully Planned Masterstroke
vis-a-vis the US"

Russia, Palestine to Set Out Economic Cooperation Goals in Ramallah

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